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When faced with an appliance repair service or replacement decision, Appliance Master is the best place to start. We have over 30 years of experience in the business, resulting in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of appliance repair technicians and support staff.

As a supplement to our residential appliance repair service we have created this section where you can "Ask The Appliance Master". Here you will find articles and videos with answers to commonly asked questions. We think you will find the help you seek here. You may also email us with your question and we will respond as quickly as possible. If you would rather speak to someone, we encourage you to call us at 1-800-752-7123.

Did you know?



Did You Know?

Dryer Fires

Did you know, last year over 17,000 house fires were caused by clothes dryers? These fires resulted in 15 deaths, 360 injuries and more than $194 million dollars in property damage. A clogged dryer vent is not only a fire hazard, but can result in excess energy costs of $18 to $24 per month.

5 Warning signs include:

Dryer fires always originate inside the dryer at the heat source. Virtually all vent cleaning companies clean only the venting outside the unit, leaving the inside of the machine untouched. Appliance Master not only cleans the venting, we clean and inspect the entire appliance. This service not only completely removes dangerous lint build-up, it increases the efficiency of the appliance, prolongs its life and lowers your utility bill.

Clothes Drying Time

Did you know that on average a clothes dryer should complete a cycle In 45 minutes or less? If you are experiencing longer drying times, inspect the vent hood on the outside of the building. If lint has built up in this area it may prevent the damper door from opening. Often times simply removing the lint build up from the vent hood will solve the problem. Prolonged dry times not only waste energy, they increase temperatures inside the dryer and wear out internal parts prematurely.

Fabric Softener Sheets

Did you know that each time you use a fabric softener sheet in your clothes dryer you are building up a clear residue on your dryer's lint screen? This residue restricts the air flow through the machine and will cause longer drying times. The fix is simple, once a month or so, wash the screen with soap and water. Test the screen by running a stream of water from your faucet through it. The stream should be about the diameter of a pencil. The stream should pass directly through the filter. If there is any pooling of water there is residue present.

Dishwasher Leaks

Did you know that water lines may leak under dishwashers and slowly destroy your floor? It can also create mold and mildew as well as attract Insects and rodents? The inspection panel on your dishwasher should be removed at least once a year to confirm there is no leak.

Rinsing Dishes

Did you know that rinsing dishes before putting them into a dishwasher wastes time and money? It can also cause the dishwashing detergent to be less effective.

If the unit is installed and functioning properly, dishes should go in dirty and come out clean enough to eat off of. In addition, a properly running dishwasher uses less water and energy than doing dishes by hand.

Icemaker Performance

Did you know that when the automatic icemaker in your freezer has slowed or stopped production that this can be an early warning sign of a failing refrigerator? Automatic icemakers are triggered to harvest ice cubes that form in the mold well below the freezing point of water, sometimes 5 or 10 degrees F. If the freezer temperature is not getting down to these normal levels, the cubes will not be harvested.

Inexpensive Appliances

Did you know appliance manufacturers have become very good at producing very low end yet very good looking appliances? If you purchase any appliance at the low end of the spectrum, it may only last three or four years before you need to repair or replace it. Our advice is to purchase quality appliances and save money in the long run.

Gas Oven Repairs

Did you know what month of the year is Appliance Master's busiest for gas oven repairs? The answer is July. The first real heat wave of the summer causes everyone to turn on the air conditioner. The lower current available during peak electricity usage times makes it more difficult for weak oven igniters to function properly and may cause much longer ignition times. The next time you use your oven, check and see if the food is baking evenly and is finishing in the usual amount of time.

House Floods

Did you know the most common cause for house flooding is washing machine hoses bursting? Before you go away for any length of time, remember to shut off the water to your washing machine. Fill hoses can burst and flood your home while you're away. It's really very simple to do this. Pictured below is a quick shut off valve. Just push the lever toward the wall, and it's off! Sometimes, there are two separate valves for the hot and cold water that look like your garden hose spigot. Turn these clockwise to the off position. Now, you have one less thing to worry about while you're away.

Washing Machine Hose image

Did you notice that this installation has black fill hoses? These should be replaced with burst proof hoses immediately.

Appliance Technician Qualifications

Did you know that Appliance Master is among a very small group of service centers with CSC certification? This is a nationally recognized and approved certified service center, we've undergone an extensive review of our management and customer service policies, dress code, adherence to federal and local regulations, insurance coverage and technician qualifications to assure our customer, the best quality of service that is available today. Fewer than 2% of all home appliance service companies have achieved this qualification.

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Did you know that more than half of the service calls we perform each day are scheduled that same day? Getting your life back to normal as soon as possible is among our highest priorities!



It is extremely important to clean you condenser coil once a year, more often if you have pets with long hair. This keeps the compressor running cooler, extends the life of the unit and reduces energy consumption.

If you have a drinking water dispenser or an automatic icemaker, an in line filter is recommended. This filter should be changed at least once a year, more often in hard water conditions.

Check your door gaskets periodically to ensure there are no gaps where air can escape.

Washing Machines

Replace fill hoses at least every five years. More floods happen from washer fill hoses that burst than any other source. Make a habit of looking behind your washer form time to time. If you notice a bulge or bubble in the hoses, turn the water off immediately and replace them.

High efficiency washing machines need to be cleaned periodically depending on usage, approximately once every three to six months. Organic material builds up causing mold, mildew and odors to form. Affresh, is a popular brand cleaner that can be purchased locally. Our technicians also carry this on their vehicles.

Clothes Dryers

The number one thing to watch for with dryers is drying time. If the time it takes for your clothes to dry is getting longer, or if your dryer exhibits any of the signs below, call for service immediately. You do not want to run the risk of a dryer fire.


It is highly recommended that softened water be supplied to dishwashers. Dishes will come out much cleaner and the appliance will stay cleaner as well. Today's dishwashing detergents do not contain phosphates. They use enzymes to breakdown the food particles left on the dishes. These enzymes are activated by water temperature and the organic material left on the dishes, so do not prewash your dishes. The dishwasher itself should be cleaned periodically. There are a variety of methods for doing this. Simply running an empty load with white vinegar or using a commercial product like "Dishwasher Magic" can be very effective.

Microwave Ovens

Keep the interior of your microwave as clean as possible. Spills and splatters will eventually burn causing permanent damage to the interior.

Garbage Disposals

If your disposer is jammed or won't run, check the bottom of the unit. Most brands have a place where a wrench can be inserted to rotate the blades manually. This is often enough to break up debris that is causing the unit not to start. Never put your hands into the disposal.


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