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Let’s Get Ready For Grilling Season

Here’s how to get your gas grill ready for the grilling season and keep it performing well throughout: Pre-Season Grill Prep 1. Deep Clean Turn off the propane tank and disconnect the gas line. ...

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Honest Advice With Love From Your Dryer

Let’s be honest, you don’t really want to think about your dryer, you just want it to work, right? Here is some penny-wise advice given with love from your dryer… Do you overload it? See below: The...

Award Winning Appliance Tips

Appliance Master is proud to announce our 2023 Angi Super Service Award! We have partnered with Angi (formerly Angie’s List) for many years and have been a Super Servicer several times. Here are some of their tips about...

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Have You Learned How To Dish Differently?

1. Every Day: Recent commercials tell you to wash a load of dishes EVERY day even if it’s not a full load. Why? Because even without a full load, you’re saving water. A newer dishwasher uses 2-2.5 gallons of water per...

Dreamy Outdoor Kitchens and How To Maintain Them

Outdoor kitchens have special cleaning and maintenance needs. Heavy use and exposure to the elements can cause more wear and tear than experienced by indoor appliances. An outdoor kitchen usually has a grill, sink...

Add Some Sparkle & Shine To Your Cooking & Baking

Clean your cooktop, oven and range! Let’s start with electric cooktops. They can have coiled burners or a smooth surface. 1. Coiled Burners: Coiled burners will typically burn off any spills. The drip bowls...

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