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Health And Fitness For Your Dryer – Part 2

Boost your dryer’s fitness by: Load. Drying loads that don’t overload the machine. ┬áThe machine should be 1/2 to 2/3 full for maximum efficiency. Too many wet, heavy clothes can overwork the motor...

Category - Dryer Vent Cleaning & Analysis

Dryer Questions Continued

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Bill and Kari continue their discussion from last week addressing some of the most common questions people may have when it comes to their dryer. If you have any...

Questions About Dryers

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Bill and Kari sit down to answer some of our viewers questions, in particular about dryers. If you have a question about dryers that maybe wasn’t answered in this...

Dryer Repair To The Rescue

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Bill goes on site to repair a dryer that has been a work horse for this family for over 20 years! Thankfully the repair costs should remain minimal vs purchasing an...

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