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How to Prepare Your Dryer’s Venting For The Cold Weather Season

You clean your dryer’s lint filter after each load, but when was the last time you inspected and cleaned your dryer’s venting?

Now that we are in the cooler season months, there are many reasons to perform an inspection and ensure that your venting is clear of debris, including nests made from rodents trying to find themselves a warm place to make their home for fall and winter. Cleaning your dryer’s venting will also help prevent a dryer fire – keeping you and your family safe.

Listed below are steps to ensure that your dryer venting is in good shape through these colder months ahead…

Step 1. Inspect It

  • Take note. Is your dryer taking longer than normal to get your clothes dry?
  • Feel the outside of your dryer. Is it hot to the touch or warmer than usual?
  • Is there any lint buildup that appears outside the dryer?
  • Now inspect outside. is the vent cover cracked or broken? Or do you have a vent cage that is clogged with lint that has not been able to escape the vent?
  • Are there any signs of bird nests debris or signs that rodents and squirrels are making a winter home?
  • When looking at your calendar, has it been longer than 1 year since your dryer venting was cleaned?

Step 2. Clean It

  • Pull out your dryer and clean the venting and any ling or debris.
  • Remove any bird or rodent debris.
  • Remove the outside vent release cover and clean your venting from the outside. Replace any broken vent covers and any cage coverings that may not be letting air vent properly.
  • Take note of the date that your venting gets cleaned and make a not to have your venting cleaned at the same time next year.

Bill Cummins

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