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4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Garage Refrigerator Working In The Cold Weather

The weather outside may be frightful and inside might be delightful, but if you have a refrigerator that is located in a garage, cold basement, outside, or against an outside non-insulated wall, your fridge could have some problems.

Having a garage, basement or outdoor refrigerator is a benefit especially if you are purchasing food in larger quantities. But, refrigerators that are in these types of spaces in your home may have issues or stop working all together when the weather dips below freezing. This would be tragic, especially if this fridge is full of food.

To help make sure that your garage fridge works as it should in this cold season, we have put together 4 easy tips to help keep it working …

1. Check The Owner’s Manual

Not all refrigerators are built to handle being placed in cold locations. Check your owner’s manual for installation instructions and temperature warnings.

2. Heat It Up

Use a space heater in your chilly garage or basement on very cold days, Just don’t ever leave it on overnight or when you’re not home.

3. Give It An Insulated Blanket

If you can, wrap any water line hoses that are hooked up to your fridge with a layer of insulation.

4. When In Doubt Disconnect

If unable to maintain a temperature above freezing in the garage, then disconnect the water line, and drain the reservoir. Reconnect when it’s warmer.

Bill Cummins

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