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How To Keep It Cool During The Dog Days Of Summer

1. Stop, Look & Listen Is your ice cream a little soft? Did the milk spoil a little too quickly? Is there a squeak or noise that wasn’t there before? There are motors in your refrigerator that circulate...

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Buried Treasure Under Your Fridge!

In this episode of Appliance Master Live! Bill pulls out his fridge for some spring cleaning to share a helpful tip that we are all most likely guilty of. With warmer weather around the corner, our fridges are working...

Can This Applince Be Saved?

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – We answer the question of whether your appliance can still be saved. The simple answer is YES, but of course, we like to measure the pros and cons of the cost of the...

Winter’s Impact On Your Appliances

have you ever thought about… How can you dryer function if the dryer vent outside is covered by snow? Ice can build up too and be even more of a problem to remove if it’s high off the ground. (our techs can...

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