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Keeping It Cool As The Weather Heats Up!

Appliance master can help you keep your refrigerator at its best:

1. Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance can save you the headache caused by a warm refrigerator.

Call Appliance Master for yearly maintenance which includes condenser coil and defrost drain cleaning as well as an evaluation of vital components.

Doing this now could prevent a much bigger and more expensive problem if it stops cooling altogether.

2. Stop, Look and Listen

Is your ice cream a little soft? Did the milk spoil a little too quickly? Is there a squeak or noise that wasn’t there before?

There are motors in your refrigerator that circulate air and can fail slowly over time. Noticing the symptoms BEFORE the motor quits is key.

Call Appliance Master right away to prevent a future loss of food.

3. Check For Ice Crystals, Frost or Freezer Burn on Food:

This is usually caused by the temperature rising above 32 degrees in the freezer.

This could happen if someone left the door open by accident or the freezer’s too full and the door didn’t close properly.

4. Air Leaks

Other air leaks could be caused by a dirty or damaged door seal. If the door won’t hold a slip of paper in place, it isn’t sealing properly.

5. For Freezers on the Bottom

In the case of bottom freezers, if the drawer rails are bent or loose, they could also prevent the door from sealing properly.

Advice From The Pros…

Don’t use a coat hanger to try to clear your defrost drain. Damaging it will definitely cost you more than having Appliance Master take care of the problem.

Don’t try to scrape away ice build-up. If you can’t defrost the unit by unplugging it and waiting for the ice to melt on its own, call Appliance Master for the RIGHT way to clear the ice build-up.

Don’t think that you’ve solved your problem using DIY methods to clear a clogged defrost drain or remove ice build-up. You may have relieved the symptoms, but you haven’t solved the problem!

Do Call Appliance Master. We have the right tools and the professional experience to get to the root of the problem and resolve it.

Bill Cummins

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