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Welcome To Fantasy Kitchen Island

Have you been dreaming about an outdoor kitchen?

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have one or you used one at your vacation rental! Pretty great, right? Want to hear more? Read on.

An outdoor kitchen usually has a grill, sink, storage, and counter space. It may also have a refrigerator, an island, a gas cooktop, a pizza oven, additional dining space, a wine cooler, a kegerator, or a bar. If the kitchen is tucked against the house or covered, it may also have a vent hood.

1. Space & Storage

More prep and storage space than a freestanding grill cart.

2. Cooking

More cooking versatility with extras like side burners, pizza ovens and BBQ smokers.

3. Living Space

Extends your living space by drawing people out to watch you work the grill.

4. Atmosphere

Puts on a show with the sounds and smells of the grill, a thirst-quenching draft from the kegerator, or seeing the magic of a pizza oven.

Speaking practically, an outdoor kitchen:

1. Save Money

May save you $$ on dining out. Once you’ve mastered a few recipes, who needs to go out when you can make burgers, steaks, kabobs, and seafood at home? Pizza anyone?

2. Save Energy

Lowers your energy costs. Cooking indoors raises the temperature causing your AC to work harder.

3. Air Quality

Helps maintain your indoor air quality. All the cooking smells, smoke, and grease stay outside.

Bill Cummins

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