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Appliance Master is proud to announce our 2023 Angi Super Service Award!

We have partnered with Angi (formerly Angie’s List) for many years and have been a Super Servicer several times.

Here are some of their tips about appliances that we’d like to share:

1. Appliance Energy Consumption:

Newer appliances can be more energy-efficient, but changing styles and dimensions could prove problematic.

Our repairs to built-in, custom panel refrigerators can enhance their energy efficiency without the need for a new unit.

2. Fit & Style:

We often hear from customers who are deciding whether to replace or repair their existing appliances.

While matching appliances offer a streamlined look, their dimensions may not fit with your existing cabinetry.

This is especially true of dishwashers, which are often installed BEFORE the flooring and countertop, making replacement difficult. Our repairs can often be done without removing the unit.

3. Smart Maintenance Tips:

Smart Maintenance Tips, taken directly from Angi’s February 2023 periodical: 

  1. Clean the machine regularly.
  2. Check the filters on fridges, ranges and ovens.
  3. Don’t overload the dishwasher.
  4. Use the included diagnostic tools from the manufacturer.
  5. Don’t wait for repairs.

Of course, we consider “5. Don’t wait for repairs” to be the most important tip. Preventative maintenance and service are the best ways to avoid an appliance crisis. Let Appliance Master help you keep enjoying life without the disruption of a breakdown!

Bill Cummins

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