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Winter And Your Appliances

Here are some tips for your laundry room:

1. How can your dryer function if the dryer vent outside is covered by snow?

  • Ice can build up too and be even more of a problem to remove if it’s high off the ground.
  • Lint can build up if the vent is covered or frozen shut which could lead to a dryer fire.

Appliance Master can resolve this issue and offer recommendations to alleviate other issues.

2. Is your laundry room on an outside wall or in a garage?

  • When the temperatures drop and stay below freezing, you could be at risk for bursting washer fill and drain hoses. Installing metal mesh fill hoses and keeping an eye on your drain hose are good ideas.
Appliance Master techs carry metal mesh hoses and can quickly replace them before a problem occurs.

Here are some preventative maintenance tips for the rest of your appliances too now that the holidays are over:

3. Dishwasher Tip:

Clean the dishwasher filters and check for leaks.

4. Refrigerator Tip:

Clean the condenser on your refrigerator.

Is there any ice build-up inside your freezer?

Appliance Master can take care of both of these before you end up with a bigger problem – like NO COOL or NO FREEZE!

5. Oven & Cooktop Tip:

Check the self-clean function in your oven after your holiday baking and cooking.

Are all the burners working?

If anything looks out of the ordinary, call Appliance Master. If you call us now, we can return your appliance to its former function before the problem gets worse.

Bill Cummins

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