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Do You Love Your Clothes Dryer [part 2]

Do you love your dryer? If you love your dryer, you want to keep it healthy, right?

Follow these 6 tips to keep your dryer working longeFollow these 6 tips to keep your dryer healthy ….


Does your dryer have a fever?
Is it warm to the touch? There are several possible causes for this, so it’s worth scheduling an appointment to get it checked out.

Is your laundry room warm? We recommend a dryer vent analysis and cleaning as a first step.


Does your dryer cough, sneeze, or wheeze? 
Unusual noises, like squeaks, rumbles, or screeches, should be checked ASAP to minimize damage.

Checking right away could save you money on a repair and get your dryer back to its best


Does your dryer smell bad?
A burning smell is a sure sign of a problem, but it could be minor, so get it checked out ASAP by scheduling an appointment.


Does your dryer chew up your clothes?
The inside or outside of the drum might need attention. It can be treated by scheduling a service appointment to determine the cause and make a repair.


Is your dryer venting floppy?
Flexible venting is no longer appropriate for vented dryers. In fact, the packaging on flexible venting will often say that it’s not suitable for use on dryers. Replace it ASAP and have the dryer checked internally for lint build-up.


Finally, give your dryer’s lint filter a check-up:
Keep it clean – EVERY LOAD!
Make sure it’s all the way in. Most lint filters snap in place.

Is it working? Run some water through it, especially if you use dryer sheets. If there’s no water flow, there’s no airflow. You can clean it with regular dish liquid or baking soda and vinegar.

Is it worn or misshapen? Replacing the lint filter is cheaper than buying a new dryer.

As we mentioned in Part 1, this is the single most important tip to prolong your dryer’s life!! Preventing lint from getting inside the dryer and throughout the venting not only improves airflow, it improves efficiency. It can also reduce risk of a dryer fire and add to the longevity of many internal components.

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Bill Cummins

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