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Pet Hair In Your Laundry

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Bill sits down with one of Appliance Master’s furry friends to discuss pet hair and how it can get in your dryer. Sure we are used to normal everyday lint...

Category - Dryer

The Honest Truth About Your Dryer Part 2

Here are some penny-wise tips to help you get the most from your dryer. 1. Is your dryer warm to the touch? If your dryer is warm to the touch, it’s worth scheduling an appointment to get it checked out. There are...

Quiz Time! All About Dryers

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Bill decides to quiz us on dryers. Don’t be afraid to answer honestly as some of these questions may expose common things that most people do. But after this video...

Winter’s Impact On Your Appliances

have you ever thought about… How can you dryer function if the dryer vent outside is covered by snow? Ice can build up too and be even more of a problem to remove if it’s high off the ground. (our techs can...

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