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Health and Fitness For Your Dryer

Use your senses to see if your dryer is functioning in a healthy way – 1. Touch: Does your dryer have a fever?Is it warm to the touch? There are several possible causes for this, it’s worth scheduling an...

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Pet Hair In Your Laundry

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Bill sits down with one of Appliance Master’s furry friends to discuss pet hair and how it can get in your dryer. Sure we are used to normal everyday lint and fuzz...

The Honest Truth About Using Your Dryer

BE HONEST! How would you answer these True or False questions about your dryer? 1. I never overload my dryer. The machine should be 1/2 to 2/3 full. Too many wet, heavy clothes can overwork the motor that turns the drum...

Quiz Time! All About Dryers

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Bill decides to quiz us on dryers. Don’t be afraid to answer honestly as some of these questions may expose common things that most people do. But after this video...

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