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How To Keep It Cool During The Dog Days Of Summer

1. Stop, Look & Listen

Is your ice cream a little soft? Did the milk spoil a little too quickly? Is there a squeak or noise that wasn’t there before? There are motors in your refrigerator that circulate air and can fail slowly over time. Noticing the symptoms BEFORE the motor quits is key. Call Appliance Master right away to prevent a future loss of food.

2. Check for Ice Crystals, Frost, or Freezer Burn on Food

This is usually caused by the temperature rising above 32 degrees in the freezer. Unless someone left the door open by accident or the freezer’s too full, this should be checked out. An air leak could be caused by a dirty or damaged door seal. If the door won’t hold a slip of paper in place, it isn’t sealing properly. In the case of bottom freezers, if the drawer rails are bent or loose, they could also prevent the door from sealing properly.

Advice From The Pros: After many decades, we really have seen it all.


Don’t Use DIY methods to clear a clogged defrost drain or remove ice build-up. Even if you don’t damage the appliance, it’s only a temporary fix and you haven’t solved the underlying problem!


Set your fridge to 37-40 degrees and your freezer to 0 degrees F. Keeping your fridge 10 degrees colder uses 25% more energy.


Keep the condenser coils clean. Doing this could improve the efficiency of your fridge by up to 30%. The condenser coils should be cleaned every year and more often if you have pets. This is especially important if you can’t position your refrigerator a few inches away from walls on all sides for good air circulation.


Regulate room temperature. Refrigerators use 2.5% more energy for every 1 degree over room temperature (70 degrees). On the other hand, if the room temperature falls below 40 degrees (like in a garage), the thermostat may not cycle properly. Refrigerators will also use more energy if they’re next to an oven or dishwasher.

Do Call Appliance Master:

Do Call Appliance Master. We have the right tools and the professional experience to get to the root of the problem and resolve it.


Remember, you can help your refrigerator maintain its temperature by opening it less frequently, letting hot foods cool before putting them in the fridge, and keeping your fridge and freezer full.

Fun Fact: The Dog Days of Summer are the hottest days in July and August, named for the dog star, Sirius.

Bill Cummins

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