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The Dog Days Of Summer

In this heat, it’s best to run some of your appliances during cooler periods, when there’s less demand for electricity.

1. Work

Even slight dips in the voltage of the current coming into your home can make your appliances work harder.

2. Wear

It will also cause some parts to wear out faster.

3. Demand

Lastly, the heat generated by ranges, ovens, dishwashers, and dryers will make your AC run more, doubling the electricity demand.

1. Dishes & Laundry

If you can, do dishes and laundry early in the morning or after dark.

2. Baking

If you have to bake something, do it early in the morning or after dark, and keep your exhaust fan on afterward to help the oven cool down. 

3. Refrigerator

Keep your refrigerator and freezer full. Having all the items packed together helps keep them all cold and minimizes heat loss from opening and closing the door.

In Part 2, we will talk about garage refrigerators and stand alone freezers.

Bill Cummins

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