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Keeping The Dog Days Of Summer At Bay

Here are some tips for garage refrigerators and stand-alone freezers.

1. Keep It Full

Keep your refrigerator and freezer full. Having all the items packed together helps keep them cold and minimizes heat loss from opening and closing the door.

2. Check The Seals

Check the seals on the door. If you can slide a piece of paper between the unit and the seal, it’s not doing a good job keeping cold air in and warm air out.

Tech Tip:

A thin layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) might help until you can get a replacement door seal.

3. Dust & Dirt

Pay attention to dust and dirt build-up around the appliance. If the condenser can’t get enough air flow, it won’t work efficiently.

4. Temperature

Watch for extreme temperatures. If it’s too hot the unit can’t cool/freeze enough. If it’s too cold, the unit won’t turn on and the inside will get warm.

Bill Cummins

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