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Washing Machine Care

Is it good luck or good sense?

Replacing your rubber, rusted, bulging or cracked fill hoses makes good sense if you want to avoid the expense of cleaning and restoration after they leak or burst. Stainless steel mesh hoses are standard and they last longer.

1. Don’t count on your luck if you leave your washer home alone:

Your hoses could burst, and you’ll come home to a flood.

If the machine is overloaded or something gets jammed inside and no one hears the noise, more damage could result.

2. Use good sense and your washer will last longer if you:

Check your pockets to avoid an item getting stuck in the machine and causing damage.

Don’t overload it, this puts excess wear on the machine.

Check the filter and dispensers. Washers have lint filters too, and like a dryer lint filter, they need to be cleaned regularly.

Clean the lid and door seal. Lint and detergent residue can build up inside the lid of a top loading washer. Musty odors can develop in front loading washers if the door isn’t kept open and occasionally cleaned (vinegar and water work well).

3. Your clothes won’t be too lucky if you:

Use too much detergent, it can leave a residue on your clothes and cause them to fade.

Don’t use the right temperature, today’s detergents are designed for cold water use.

Let clothes sit in the washer. You may have to re-wash them if they start to smell musty.

Don’t consider wearing items more than once. If there are no stains and you weren’t perspiring, you might be able to wear it once more before washing. The wash cycle removes fibers and dyes eventually causing pilling and fading.

If you use good sense to take care of your fill hoses, washer, and clothes, you will have good luck with your washer!

Bill Cummins

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