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Is Your Range Ready For The Holidays?

Here’s a refresher on keeping cooking appliances clean. If your burners or oven heat unevenly, or there’s a delayed ignition, call Appliance Master for service before you have a bigger problem! 1...

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Winter’s Impact On Your Appliances

have you ever thought about… How can you dryer function if the dryer vent outside is covered by snow? Ice can build up too and be even more of a problem to remove if it’s high off the ground. (our techs can...

Let’s Resolve To Treat Your Appliances Right In 2023!

I     (state your name)    resolve to pay attention to my appliances BEFORE they cry for help. I will clean my dryer line filter BEFORE or AFTER EVERY LOAD. (proper airflow will aid temperature control and efficiency) I...

Summer Heat and your Appliance

In this episode of Appliance Master Live Bill talks about some helpful tips for the health of your appliance as we are facing some high summer temperatures. This video will let you know what to look out for and know...

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