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Going on Vacation? Prepare Your Appliance For Being Away

With Summer here and the weather warming up, you may be thinking about getting away for a little fun in the sun.

If your home will be empty while you are away, it is wise to prepare your appliances for you being away and avoid coming home to an unexpected appliance emergency – like a puddle of water under your refrigerator or worse, a washing machine hose that sprung a leak.

Give yourself piece of mind with these tips to prepare your appliances for you being away…

1. Refrigerator & Freezer

Although you may be tempted to unplug your fridge, it isn’t necessary. If your fridge had a “Vacation Mode” setting engage it. Also push up the actuator arm on the ice maker to turn off the water line. Clean out any food that may spoil.

2. Dishwasher

Mold and Mildew can grow while you are away. Completely drain the dishwasher before your vacation. Make sure your dishwasher is empty of dishes and leave the door slightly open to allow any damp surfaces to dry.

3. Stove, Oven or Range

make sure that all the burners and the oven are turned off.

4. Garbage Disposal

Run the disposal to ensure there aren’t any food remnants. Add extra time to make sure that the food and debris moves down into the drain. Flush the disposal with cool water, run it again, and flush it with tap water a second time.

5. Washer & Dryer

Leave the doors to your washer and dryer slightly open to avoid them getting musty while you’re away. Turn off the water supply likes to the washer. This is also a good time to inspect the fill hoses. Check for rust, corrosion, bulges or blisters on the hose.

Bill Cummins

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