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Let’s Resolve To Treat Your Appliances Right In 2023!

I     (state your name)    resolve to pay attention to my appliances BEFORE they cry for help.

  1. I will clean my dryer line filter BEFORE or AFTER EVERY LOAD. (proper airflow will aid temperature control and efficiency)
  2. I will check my washer’s fill hoses for sediment build up (if your water comes from a well)
  3. I will have my washer’s fill hoses replaced with metal mesh if they are rubber (and subject to bursting!). No one needs a laundry room flood
  4. I will pay attention to my dishwasher’s sounds. (Higher pitched noises could mean a lack of water, gurgling could come from a leak.) Check the wash arms and filters for clogs.
  5. I will Respect my refrigerator’s operating parameters (In English, your refrigerator knows what it needs – being fully stocked, keeping closed doors and adequate airflow through the condenser). Temperature fluctuations are not a good sign, call Appliance Master for help.
  6. I won’t let my range/oven get decrepit. I will make sure all of the burners work and I have full use of all the oven functions. SPOILER ALERT – IF YOUR OVEN HAS A CONVECTION OR ROAST FUNCTION…guess what? IT’S AN AIR FRYER!!!!

As always, call Appliance Master for dedicated and reliable service for all your appliance repair needs. 

Bill Cummins

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