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Tips For Getting Your Appliances Holiday Ready

It is the start to the holiday season. The season of delicious meals and family gatherings.

This year’s gatherings may look a bit different than previous years’ gatherings, but one thing is certain – your appliances are sure to get a workout. Whether you are cooking the big meal, cooking a side dish or just starting to bake some holiday cookies, you don’t want to be caught with an appliance issue that ruins your fun.

To help you prepare for these big days, we have put together a holiday appliance checklist that will help you to be sure that you are able to cook that turkey in the oven and not be scrambling to find another cooking option because your oven broke down the night before the big event.

Save and Print this checklist below to help you evaluate your appliances and give you peace of mind that your appliances are Holiday Ready…


  • Ice maker is making plenty of ice
  • Outside of the refrigerator is cool to the touch (not warm)
  • Clean the condenser coils


  • Baked food comes out cooked evenly (not uneven)
  • Baking times are as expected (not taking longer than normal)
  • Run the self-clean well in advance of holiday cooking prep
  • Manually clean your oven (if you don’t have a self-clean option)


  • Run a clean cycle well in advance of the holiday cleaning
  • Listen for unusual noises
  • Dishes and glasses are coming out clean and spot free

Washing Machine

  • Clean the lint trap on your front lead washing machine
  • Run a clean cycle or use Affresh to clean inside the washer

Clothes Dryer

  • Clothes are dry when the cycle completes
  • Laundry room smells as it should (no burning smell)
  • Laundry room is at your set room temperature (not too warm)

Bill Cummins

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