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Holiday Checklist For Your Appliances

10 Easy Steps To Help You Avoid A Holiday Disaster.

This is the time of year for lists, right? Here’s a good one to add that can save you time and money;

First, let’s take a walk through your kitchen.


  • 1. Have you noticed any new sounds that your refrigerator is making? Squeals, squeaks, hums, sizzles, and drips are all causes for concern. Call Appliance Master for service BEFORE the problem gets worse.
  • 2. Are you getting enough ice? Is your ice cream a little soft? There are many things that can contribute to these situations. Best to call Appliance Master for service BEFORE the problem gets worse.
  • 3. Is your refrigerator running more than usual? Maybe not a marathon, but it seems like it’s always going. During the holidays you might expect that the refrigerator door is opened more often, but you could also have a dirty condenser. A quick check and cleaning by Appliance Master could save you from a disaster.


  • 4. Are you noticing uneven heating on your burners? If the cooktop is electric, you should definitely call for service. If it’s gas, try to see if some of the holes in the burner are clogged. You may be able to clear them with a toothpick.
  • 5. Did one of your pots over-boil, and after you cleaned it up, the burner won’t stop clicking? Most times, the wet spark igniter will dry out on its own. If not, call Appliance Master for service.
  • 6. Do you need to self-clean your oven? Do it NOW. The self-cleaning process will tax the oven, so if any component is at the end of its useful life, this is where it will fail. If the process goes smoothly, you now have a nice clean oven for all your holiday baking!


  • 7. How clean are your dishes? Is there soap residue inside when the cycle is complete? These are all signs that the water flow through the dishwasher isn’t at its best. Check the filter and spray arms to make sure they’re clear and clean. The gunk on the filter in the picture to the left is encapsulated soap. YUCK!

Now let’s take a few steps to the laundry.

Washing Machine

  • 8. Assuming you haven’t heard any new strange noises coming from your washer and it isn’t dancing across the floor, take a look underneath and behind the unit. A small leak might evaporate before you notice it, but it might leave a ring on the floor. Check your fill and drain hoses at the back too. They might have caused the leak or they might look worn and be at the end of their useful life. Taking care of this now might save you from a disaster later on. Appliance Master can evaluate your washer thoroughly for the right approach to maintenance and repair.


  • 9. While you’re looking around the laundry area, do you notice any extra lint on the floor, walls, or on top of the dryer? That could be a serious venting issue with dangerous consequences. Call Appliance Master for service to give you peace of mind.
  • 10. Is the dryer warmer than usual or is it taking longer to dry a load? Even an extra 5 or 10 minutes can be a sign of a functional issue that needs addressing. Before the problem gets worse, call Appliance Master.

Bill Cummins

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