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What Not To Put In Your Dryer

In this episode of APPLIANCE MASTER LIVE – Kari shows off a few common items that you definitely want to ensure don’t get into your dryer. These items not only could ruin your clothes, but could also potentially ruin your dryer!

Empty Your Pockets

Make sure to check your pockets for any loose objects that could potentially damage your clothes. These objects include screws, paper clips, hard candy, gum, lipstick and pens.

Clothing With Iron On Decals

The heat from your dryer can potentially damage clothing that has ironed on decals and may damage the dryer as well. We recommend turning the clothing inside out and running it through a low heat cycle or air drying the clothing. Make sure to read the washing instructions of the clothing before putting it through the heat cycle.

Stay tuned throughout the video for more tips on what not to put in your dryer. If there are any other things that you recommend that shouldn’t be put through the dryer leave a comment down below! If you feel your appliance is in need of some help, give us a call! We’d Love to help!

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